Novida is,
EBRD BAS (Business Advisory Solutions) Provider.
EU-Funded Inno-4-AgriFood Consultant.
TURQUALITY® Accredited Management Consultant.

Who Are We?

Novida is an Effective Business and Market Development; B2B Matching; Access to Investment, Finance and Incentives; Strategy/Policy/Program; Business, Digital and Cultural Transformation; Mergers and Acquisitions; Innovation and Sustainability Solutions Provider and Integrator.

For Whom We Serve?

Novida is the Trusted Advisor and Companion of Corporations, Companies, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Leaders in Transforming Their Dreams into Strategies and Getting Them Realized!





International Company

Mid-Large-Sized Enterprise


Family Business

NGO, Public Industry

What Value Do We Provide?

Novida integrates and provides turn-key, agile, reliable, efficient and effective solutions in line with the requirements of Corporations, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Owners/Leaders of Enterprises having dreams about enabling ecomonic, environment and social sustainability, developing strategies/policies/programs, accessing/going-to, investing in International markets, growing and transforming their business and cultures. Novida has a competent and experienced team and Business/Solution Partners in transforming dreams into strategies, strategies into real life, and realities into sustainable business results.

Novida enables organizations in the whole business growth and transformation efforts via to-the-point industry and product-based market intelligence; targeted strategies and business model definition; exportation, market/business development and market entry; investments and mergers/acquisitions; asset/resource optimization and financial solutions; branding and institutionalization; operational excellence; digital, cultural and organizational development solutions in a ‘rapid, agile, customized, systematic and effective’ manner.






*We Are Your Companion in Accessing/Going-To New Markets Across the World, starting with Balkan Countries, Bangladesh, Belgium, India, Germany, Netherlands, Pakistan, Slovenia, Switzerland, UAE…